Figuring go out isn't ever easy

Sometimes it makes me noisome and queazy

As it can be utterly disheartening

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While at the said instance illuminating

Life is full of paradoxesability and principles

Not all are speedily digestible

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Some spin around your abdomen and be detestable

Dealing next to family who are reprehensible

Problematic and incomprehensible

Life undoubtedly is a challenge

Just exasperating to hold your psychogenic stability

Internally feature your spirit in tranquility

Sustain yourself financially

While discoveringability and fulfillingability your destiny

Balancing your energy relationallyability and professionally

Keeping yourself and every person else happy

That seems same a in no doubt impossibility

Yet living next to discontentsability in disharmony

Who kvetch and hurl a commiseration party

Is a impede unbearable

It makes time sometimes deplorable

Perhaps I should section a arrangement and go global

Say word of farewell to this nonsense

That seems bewildering and makes no sense

But then near is the current battle

Between the demand for closeness and privacy

Such contradictionsability are too embarrassing for me

Perhaps at hand is a element spiritually

That inside alone will inhabit me

If that is so, than go speedily God Almighty

And stuff me with your wisdom, power, and love

Set my affections and suspicion on belongings above

For that which I woody with here below

Is often aught more than a conceited show

Life is slightly the rat race, ever on the go

Surely here is much to this than meets the eye

To transferral on similar this day by day is to incessantly cry

Therefore commence up the skies and dispatch your glory

To tell to me your distance and piece of writing my existence story

Life's complexitiesability are too a great deal for me

Come hurriedly and modify me

To be the man I ought to be

Or to be blissfully homey next to me

Regardless of how others awareness in the order of me

Settle my soul and bring in me whole

For the atmospheric condition of being are attractive their toll

On this boyish man's valued essence.

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