Lapis , wide pitch-black in color and opaque, this rock was extremely prized by the pharaohs of past Egypt, as can be seen by its outstanding use in many of the treasures well from pharaonic tombs.

W. B. Yeats' poem, Lapis Lazuli has for its themes the continual soar and fall of civilizations, the close at hand end of our civilization, and the triumph of art and beliefs ended the misfortune of events.

The vent verse focuses on neo nowadays. Even worsened than the imminent annihilation are those hysteric women who deciding painting, music and poetry, all "gay" art, in choose of social relation. These bailiwick are named gay since they have the weight of transfiguring calamity into sad joy. The neurotic women are exhausted of the artist's merriment because they like goings-on to contemplation, politics to art.

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In the 2nd textual matter Yeats says that unalike neurotic women who "break up their lives to weep", heroes like Hamlet and Lear are "gay". They are gay because they have the last chuckle. The bad luck that overtook them could press their bodies, but not the essence.

The ordinal textual matter refers to the dive of civilizations. "All things autumn and are improved again", and Yeats accepts the cycles of times of yore next to "tragic joy" declarative that "those that height them once again will be gay."

In the 4th and fifth stanzas Yeats crystallizes the impression of tragical happiness in the depiction of the iii Chinamen incised on a chip of lapis opaque gem. The 3 old men are pictured as rise towards a irrelevant half-way dwelling sweetened, Yeats supposes, by plum or cerise division. Then he imagines that sitting within they gawk on the "Tragic scene" circulation at a lower place them. And amid some wrinkles, their eyes

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"Their ancient, sparkling eyes, are gay"

The gaiety is a after effects not lone of their ancient content which deeply comprehends the tragic scene, but likewise of the "mournful melodies" contend on a sweet device by the serving-man. The auditory communication enables the Chinamen to "transfigure" all the dire of the tragic scene. Art, no mater how tragic, how mournful, transfigures all adversity with the rebellious disgusting merriment of the hero.

Heroes move to sad actuality next to stouthearted merriment and collect departure with a rebellious smirk. This is the predominant humour of Lapis Lazuli.

Yeats' sensitivity to the racket of society is not one of horror, nor of stoic impassivity, nor even of a lust for hurried departure or transcendence, but of a heroic transubstantiation of tragical finish into sad joy.

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